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    Chinese Zodiac
    Chinese Zodiac(Cz12) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
    Chinese Zodiac(Cz12) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
    Date de sortie : 2012
    Durée : 0:14:47
    Nombre de titres : 10
    Disque 0
    Opening: the Beauty and Destruction of the Summer Palace 1:22
    Mp Corp's Conspiracy "Theme of Bonnie" 0:48
    Body Blading I: the Presence of Jc 2:19
    Body Blading II: Jc On Cliff, Army Trucks & Motorcycles 1:23
    Body Blading III: Arriving of the Helicopter & Cz12 Title 1:28
    Jc Team Arrived in Paris(Song) 1:46
    Escaping from the French Castle 1:52
    French Garden I: Labyrinth & Dogs 1:43
    French Garden II: French Dogs Understand Chinese & Flying from Garden 0:51
    A Girl in Car Catches a Man of Paragliding and the Result Is Hitting a Bus 1:15


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