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Michael Nyman: Piano Collection
Michael Nyman: Piano Collection
Date de sortie : 2009
Auteur/Compositeur : Michael Nyman
Durée : 1:16:50
Nombre de titres : 23
Disque 1
The Attraction of the Pedaling Ankle (from The Piano) 6:52
Diary of Love (from The End of the Affair) 3:12
Bill (from Wonderland) 2:14
Debbie (from Wonderland) 3:33
Big My Secret (from The Piano) 2:56
Lost and Found (from The Piano) 2:41
Nadi (from Wonderland) 3:34
If (from The Diary of Anne Frank) 4:02
Silver-Fingered Fling (from The Piano) 4:25
The Departure (from Gattaca) 3:50
Candlefire (from The Diary of Anne Frank) 3:37
The Exchange (from The Piano) 3:53
Jack (from Wonderland) 2:06
The Mood That Passes Through You (from The Piano) 1:51
Digital Tragedy (from Enemy Zero) 1:04
Love (from Enemy Zero) 3:46
The Schoolroom (from The Diary of Anne Frank) 3:09
Odessa Beach (from Man With a Movie Camera) 3:43
Franklyn (from Wonderland) 1:58
The Morrow (from Gattaca) 4:22
The Heart Asks Pleasure First (from The Piano) 3:10
All Imperfect THings (from The Piano) 3:41
Why? (from The Diary of Anne Frank) 3:11


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