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    Onward (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Onward (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Date de sortie : 2020
    Auteur/Compositeur : Jeff Danna, Auteur/Compositeur : Mychael Danna
    Durée : 281:33:43
    Nombre de titres : 10
    Disque 0
    Carried Me With You 22:12
    Quests Of Yore 38:28
    The World Was Full Of Wonder 58:40
    A Little Magic 12:26
    Bad Dragon 31:46
    New Ian 23:06
    My Mighty Steed 20:40
    My Birthday Is Cancelled 45:33
    Wish I Could Spend The Day With You 36:26
    The Visitation Spell 44:26


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