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Mon AlloCiné
    Adaptation: Original Soundtrack
    Adaptation: Original Soundtrack
    Date de sortie : 2002
    Auteur/Compositeur : Carter Burwell
    Durée : 0:23:58
    Nombre de titres : 10
    Disque 0
    Adaptation - Fat Boy Slim Remix 4:50
    The Evolution Of The Screenwriter 1:12
    The Writer And The Crazy White Man 3:21
    An Unashamed Passion 3:15
    The Evolution Of Evolution 2:06
    On Judgement, Human Or Otherwise 1:42
    Whittle The World Down 1:50
    On The Similarity Of Human And Orchid Forms - Instrumental 1:15
    The Screenwriter's Nightmare 0:58
    Approaching The Object Of Desire 3:29


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