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    • malib
      Jay Leno arrête sa carrière: bon débarras ... Il était gentil avec ses invités, mais pas avec les Français ... Ses dérives francophobes avaient un gout de racisme rappelant étrangement les sinistres blagues nazies sur les Juifs. C’est étonnant que ces blagues haineuses soient passées à de si multiples reprises dans une émission à grande écoute d’un pays qui se targue de respecter scrupuleusement les sensibilités de toutes les minorités, et le politiquement correct (sauf pour les Français ?) …Voici un (petit) aperçu, dans la langue d’origine, de ses « bons mots »:Jay Leno Anti-French material (Source ):- Congratulations to the Italian people for winning the World Cup. ... They won after France’s best player got ejected for head butting. That’s the closest anyone in a French uniform has come to combat in 60 years - There are reports that France may agree to train Iraqi soldiers. Don’t the Iraqis already know how to surrender? - People ask what drives him. I can understand what "drove" Lance Armstrong; if I was an American traveling in France, I’d like to get through that country as fast as I could. - They say over in France the wine region over there is going through an incredible heat wave, destroying all the crops. The crops are ruined and this has devastated the French economy. Proving once again: Prayer works. - Today is April Fool's Day, the day we traditionally honor the French. - According to the latest intelligence reports, Saddam Hussein may have numerous mistresses all over Baghdad. A married man with numerous mistresses ... no wonderthe French didn't want to go after him. - In France, they're having trouble translating a lot of Internet terms into French.For example, there are no French words for surfing the Web, there aren't anyFrench words for chat session, and there aren't any French words for hacker. Ofcourse, a lot of other words don't translate to French either: military victory, deodorant.. (May 4, 2001) Vraiment top, la blague du déodorant, Jay ! Non, ce type ne me fait pas rire. Dommage qu'Obama ait choisi de passer dans son émission ...
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