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    Saison 3
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    8 épisodes
    Saison produite en 2009
    Sheridan Smith
    Sheridan Smith
    Rôle : Michelle
    Steve Meo
    Steve Meo
    Rôle : Grant
    Richard Mylan
    Richard Mylan
    Rôle : Chris
    Warren Brown
    Warren Brown
    Rôle : Alex
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    Les épisodes de la saison 3
    Convenient Puppy
    S03E01 - Convenient Puppy
    S03E02 - Winks
    Little Blind Boy
    S03E03 - Little Blind Boy
    Clam Up
    S03E04 - Clam Up
    S03E05 - Cow
    Michelle develops a sense of community spirit
    No Win, No Fee
    S03E06 - No Win, No Fee
    Michelle and Jenny's girls' night out ends in disaster, and Grant finds an unusual way to encourage new business for his law firm. Alex's fear of small people results in a painful encounter with a glass window, while Chris finds out some life-changing news. Comedy, starring Sheridan Smith
    Me, Me, Me
    S03E07 - Me, Me, Me
    Michelle's perfectly preserved sense of self-importance is momentarily disturbed when a visit to the hospital demonstrates she is not the centre of the universe. Meanwhile, Jenny and Grant get better acquainted, and Chris meets his son. Sheridan Smith, Richard Mylan and Stephen Meo star
    S03E08 - Balls
    Michelle is forced to choose between fame and friendship. Last in the series

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