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    Si vous regardez la Super Lune, vous verrez peut-être...
    13 nov. 2016 à 05:00

    A l'occasion de la "Super Lune du siècle" guettée aujourd'hui dans le ciel français, pleins feux sur quelques bizarreries cinématographiques à voir sur le sol lunaire.

    Un obus spatial dans l'oeil
    1. Un obus spatial dans l'oeil +
    C'est sans doute l'une des images le splus célèbres de l'histoire du cinéma. Celle du Voyage dans la Lune de Georges Méliès, ou l'expédition lunaire du Professeur Barbenfouillis, envoyé sur place avec ses collègues astronomes grâce à un canon géant.
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    • Star Trek: First Contact (1996). By the 24th century there were approximately 50 million people living on the moon, and on a clear day, at least two cities and man-made Lake Armstrong were visible from Earth - as such, time-traveler William Riker, sitting in the cockpit of the first warp prototype, marvels at the sight of the "unspoiled" moon in 2063.
    • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999). Dr. Evil attempts to destroy Washington D.C. with a giant laser from his moon base, but Austin Powers is able to stop him.
      • Titan A.E. (2000). When an evil alien race called the Drej destroys Earth, huge chunks of the Earth collide with the Moon and break it in half.
      • Space Cowboys (2000). An astronaut rides a disused Russian satellite with nuclear missiles to the Moon to prevent it from hitting Earth.
        • WALL-E (2008) depicts human colonization on the moon by the early 22nd century.
          • Oblivion (2013) An alien race destroys the moon, causing massive earthquakes and tsunamis that cause great damage to the Earth.
            • Kill the Moon (2014). The episode reveals that the Moon is in fact a giant egg, and is set mainly on the Moon's surface, or in a Moon-based structure.
              • Futurama. By the year 3000, a theme park has been constructed on the moon inside a giant dome with an artificial atmosphere, and an artificial gravity.
                  • Apollo 18 (2011) follows a fictional Apollo 18 mission and its discovery on the Moon.
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