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    Ninja Bande-annonce VO
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    3 janv. 2013
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    1h 22min
    De Isaac Florentine
    Avec Togo Igawa, Scott Adkins, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Mika Hijii, Valentin Ganev
    3 Bandes-annonces & Teasers
    Ninja Bande-annonce VO 2:21
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    Ninja Bande-annonce VO
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    Ninja Bande-annonce VF 2:19
    Ninja Bande-annonce VF
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    Ninja Bande-annonce (2) VO 2:20
    Ninja Bande-annonce (2) VO
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    • Jigo
      Très décevant, même Adkins le reconnaît. Heureusement le 2 vient corriger ses erreurs. ''Another mistake we made with the first film was the style of the fights, it lacked what I would call "the flash" of fights like the ones we had in the Undisputed films. We tried to go more Japanese and somewhere along the way we lost some of the flash. Only in the 'Temple' fight in the first film did I really let loose.. so we have certainly corrected that for this film.''
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