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    223 épisodes
    Chaîne d'origine : BBC
    Diffusée à partir de : 31 mars 2008
    Stirling Gallacher
    Stirling Gallacher
    Rôle : Dr. Georgina "George" Woodson
    Sean Gleeson
    Sean Gleeson
    Rôle : Ronnie Woodson
    Diane Keen
    Diane Keen
    Rôle : Julia Parsons
    Adrian Lewis Morgan
    Adrian Lewis Morgan
    Rôle : Dr. Jimmi Clay
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    Les épisodes de la saison 10
    Tuning Out
    S10E01 - Tuning Out
    School's Out
    S10E02 - School's Out
    Words Left Unsaid
    S10E03 - Words Left Unsaid
    Speak Up
    S10E04 - Speak Up
    All In A Name
    S10E05 - All In A Name
    Lady Muck
    S10E06 - Lady Muck
    Stabbed In The Back
    S10E07 - Stabbed In The Back
    Eye Of The Beholder
    S10E08 - Eye Of The Beholder
    And The Winner is...
    S10E09 - And The Winner is...
    S10E10 - Searching
    A Pain in The....
    S10E11 - A Pain in The....
    Shine a Light On
    S10E12 - Shine a Light On
    The Awakening
    S10E13 - The Awakening
    Tear Away
    S10E14 - Tear Away
    Hidden Demons
    S10E15 - Hidden Demons
    Standing Up
    S10E16 - Standing Up
    Imitation of Life
    S10E17 - Imitation of Life
    The Homecoming
    S10E18 - The Homecoming
    The Hex
    S10E19 - The Hex
    Crimes and Punishments
    S10E20 - Crimes and Punishments
    Little Brother
    S10E21 - Little Brother
    S10E22 - Larp
    S10E23 - Interventions
    Making Your Bed
    S10E24 - Making Your Bed
    Making a Splash
    S10E25 - Making a Splash
    Photo Finish
    S10E26 - Photo Finish
    Cat Fight
    S10E27 - Cat Fight
    Friends Like These
    S10E28 - Friends Like These
    Hearts Will Go On
    S10E29 - Hearts Will Go On
    Hush Little Baby
    S10E30 - Hush Little Baby
    Sweet Success
    S10E31 - Sweet Success
    What the World Needs Now
    S10E33 - What the World Needs Now
    Holding On
    S10E34 - Holding On
    Life's a Beach
    S10E35 - Life's a Beach
    It's a Sin
    S10E36 - It's a Sin
    Need to Know
    S10E37 - Need to Know
    Walking Wounded
    S10E38 - Walking Wounded
    Love and War
    S10E39 - Love and War
    No. 786
    S10E40 - No. 786
    The Appointed Hour
    S10E41 - The Appointed Hour
    Rebirth Day
    S10E42 - Rebirth Day
    Creature Comforts
    S10E43 - Creature Comforts
    Pass The Parcel
    S10E44 - Pass The Parcel
    A Woman's Touch
    S10E45 - A Woman's Touch
    Spice Wars
    S10E46 - Spice Wars
    Head and Heart
    S10E47 - Head and Heart
    My Cup Runneth Over with Love
    S10E48 - My Cup Runneth Over with Love
    The One
    S10E49 - The One
    S10E50 - Expectations
    A Step Too Far
    S10E51 - A Step Too Far
    Endless Love
    S10E52 - Endless Love
    Inside Out
    S10E53 - Inside Out
    Geraldine Mooney's Departed
    S10E54 - Geraldine Mooney's Departed
    A Kind of Hush
    S10E55 - A Kind of Hush
    Mummy Dearest
    S10E56 - Mummy Dearest
    You'll Be a Man My Son
    S10E57 - You'll Be a Man My Son
    An Alzheimer's disease patient mistakes Archie for his son
    Fall Upon Your Sword
    S10E58 - Fall Upon Your Sword
    S10E59 - S10E59
    Served Cold
    S10E60 - Served Cold
    Transfer Season
    S10E61 - Transfer Season
    Stranger on a Bridge
    S10E62 - Stranger on a Bridge
    Dare, Double Dare, Truth
    S10E63 - Dare, Double Dare, Truth
    Big Momma
    S10E64 - Big Momma
    The Lost Letter
    S10E65 - The Lost Letter
    Home, Sweet Home
    S10E66 - Home, Sweet Home
    Destiny Day
    S10E67 - Destiny Day
    Forbidden Fruit
    S10E68 - Forbidden Fruit
    S10E69 - Safe
    Hunky Dory
    S10E70 - Hunky Dory
    Everything But the Girl
    S10E71 - Everything But the Girl
    Front Page
    S10E72 - Front Page
    Witness to a Wedding
    S10E73 - Witness to a Wedding
    Old Green Eyes
    S10E74 - Old Green Eyes
    One Dog Day
    S10E75 - One Dog Day
    Regular Fare
    S10E76 - Regular Fare
    Who Do You Think You Are Kidding?
    S10E77 - Who Do You Think You Are Kidding?
    Love Rat
    S10E78 - Love Rat
    S10E79 - Observation
    The Third Challenge
    S10E80 - The Third Challenge
    S10E81 - S10E81
    Maximum Load
    S10E82 - Maximum Load
    S10E83 - S10E83
    S10E84 - S10E84
    The Universe Provides
    S10E85 - The Universe Provides
    S10E86 - S10E86
    S10E87 - S10E87
    S10E88 - S10E88
    S10E89 - S10E89
    Kiss My Asp
    S10E90 - Kiss My Asp
    The evening of George's surprise birthday party arrives
    Eat for Two
    S10E91 - Eat for Two
    A man worries about his pregnant and formerly anorexic wife
    Girl X
    S10E92 - Girl X
    Ronnie persuades a TV reporter to confess to lying
    The Horrors
    S10E93 - The Horrors
    Mike helps a student with a drink problem
    True Colours
    S10E94 - True Colours
    Ruth tries to help a graffiti artist realise his dream
    S10E95 - Distractions
    In the Dark
    S10E96 - In the Dark
    Everything Counts
    S10E97 - Everything Counts
    Action Replay
    S10E98 - Action Replay
    Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
    S10E99 - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
    S10E100 - Fallout
    S10E101 - Downsizing
    A Lesser Man
    S10E102 - A Lesser Man
    S10E103 - S10E103
    Ben and Norah
    S10E104 - Ben and Norah
    Light Fingers, Loose Tongues
    S10E105 - Light Fingers, Loose Tongues
    Walking on Sunshine
    S10E106 - Walking on Sunshine
    Heroes and Villains
    S10E107 - Heroes and Villains
    Under Control
    S10E108 - Under Control
    Hunger Strike
    S10E109 - Hunger Strike
    The Lollipop Man
    S10E110 - The Lollipop Man
    Wooden Heart
    S10E111 - Wooden Heart
    S10E112 - Pokerface
    Anger Management
    S10E113 - Anger Management
    The Last Time
    S10E114 - The Last Time
    Don't Try This at Home
    S10E115 - Don't Try This at Home
    Brick Teasers
    S10E116 - Brick Teasers
    Baby I Love You
    S10E117 - Baby I Love You
    Aladdin's Cave
    S10E118 - Aladdin's Cave
    Heston C in Da House
    S10E119 - Heston C in Da House
    Holding Back
    S10E120 - Holding Back
    Reasons to Be Cheerful
    S10E121 - Reasons to Be Cheerful
    Altered States
    S10E122 - Altered States
    Kiss of Death
    S10E123 - Kiss of Death
    Here Be Monsters
    S10E124 - Here Be Monsters
    A Spot Of Comedy
    S10E125 - A Spot Of Comedy
    Miss Letherbridge
    S10E126 - Miss Letherbridge
    S10E127 - Relinquishment
    Daddy Darling
    S10E128 - Daddy Darling
    Chill Out
    S10E129 - Chill Out
    I Know What You Did Last Semester
    S10E130 - I Know What You Did Last Semester
    Safe Haven
    S10E131 - Safe Haven
    Hearts and Minds
    S10E132 - Hearts and Minds
    What's Love Got to Do with It?
    S10E133 - What's Love Got to Do with It?
    Trapped in Space
    S10E134 - Trapped in Space
    Fragile Minds
    S10E135 - Fragile Minds
    A Room Full of Strangers
    S10E136 - A Room Full of Strangers
    Making An Argument
    S10E137 - Making An Argument
    The Power of Three
    S10E138 - The Power of Three
    My Son the Guinea Pig
    S10E139 - My Son the Guinea Pig
    VIP Treatment
    S10E140 - VIP Treatment
    A Second Chance
    S10E141 - A Second Chance
    From the Ashes
    S10E142 - From the Ashes
    S10E143 - Buried
    S10E144 - Changes
    The Visit
    S10E145 - The Visit
    Do the Right Thing
    S10E146 - Do the Right Thing
    Sandra's Grotto
    S10E147 - Sandra's Grotto
    Head Case
    S10E148 - Head Case
    Pink Ribbon
    S10E149 - Pink Ribbon
    S10E150 - S10E150
    S10E151 - S10E151
    S10E152 - S10E152
    S10E153 - S10E153
    S10E154 - Minuit
    S10E155 - S10E155
    S10E156 - S10E156
    S10E157 - S10E157
    Naughty or Nice
    S10E158 - Naughty or Nice
    Forgive Us Our Sins
    S10E159 - Forgive Us Our Sins
    My Other Life
    S10E160 - My Other Life
    Little By Little
    S10E161 - Little By Little
    A Bit of What You Fancy
    S10E162 - A Bit of What You Fancy
    Schlock, Stock and Two Smoking Harolds
    S10E163 - Schlock, Stock and Two Smoking Harolds
    S10E164 - S10E164
    S10E165 - S10E165
    Wandering Off
    S10E166 - Wandering Off
    Tigger and the Gold Digger
    S10E167 - Tigger and the Gold Digger
    Altered Ego
    S10E168 - Altered Ego
    You People
    S10E169 - You People
    Arranged Family
    S10E170 - Arranged Family
    We'll Meet Again
    S10E171 - We'll Meet Again
    Don't Say a Word
    S10E172 - Don't Say a Word
    S10E173 - S10E173
    Moments in the Sun
    S10E174 - Moments in the Sun
    Tears of a Clown
    S10E175 - Tears of a Clown
    Voice Control
    S10E176 - Voice Control
    Love Will Find a Way
    S10E177 - Love Will Find a Way
    The End of the World
    S10E178 - The End of the World
    S10E179 - Wanted
    Vantage Point
    S10E180 - Vantage Point
    Dear Diary
    S10E181 - Dear Diary
    Silently Screaming
    S10E182 - Silently Screaming
    Defining Happy
    S10E183 - Defining Happy
    George helps a girl whose family problems are making her ill
    Baby Bliss
    S10E184 - Baby Bliss
    Melody helps a stay-at-home father answer an unusual call for help
    First Love Last Love
    S10E185 - First Love Last Love
    Ronnie helps two childhood sweethearts who have been reunited
    Towards the Light
    S10E186 - Towards the Light
    Heston is excited to treat an unusual case
    Mac's Women
    S10E187 - Mac's Women
    Julia has to admit she was wrong after believing accusations about Mac
    Click - Part One
    S10E188 - Click - Part One
    Part one of two. A boy is victimised by online bullies
    Click - Part Two
    S10E189 - Click - Part Two
    Part two of two. Time starts to run out for the 'cyberbully'
    S10E190 - Limbo
    Jimmi helps a woman fleeing an abusive marriage
    Fly by Night
    S10E191 - Fly by Night
    Michelle has to lie for a friend
    S10E192 - S10E192
    Dem Bones
    S10E193 - Dem Bones
    A glimpse into the past reveals the people who have changed Lily's life and explains her attachment to the skull. Heston discovers an old friend from medical school has a connection to someone at the Mill, and Ruth makes a daring move in her art class
    S10E194 - Window
    Ruth gets caught up in a waitress's struggle to deal with her relationship
    Bad Blood
    S10E195 - Bad Blood
    A failed escape plan leaves two teenagers in danger
    Little White Lies
    S10E196 - Little White Lies
    Daniel helps a stressed patient with a secret addiction that is causing marital difficulties. Meanwhile, George and Ronnie face a change and Lily tries to play matchmaker. Medical drama, starring Matthew Chambers, Stirling Gallacher and Sean Gleeson
    The Two Leo Beckfords
    S10E197 - The Two Leo Beckfords
    Vivien wages a one-woman war on a tearaway
    S10E198 - S10E198
    A Life in Pictures
    S10E199 - A Life in Pictures
    Jimmi gets involved with a student film
    Tempt Not a Desperate Man
    S10E200 - Tempt Not a Desperate Man
    Daniel makes a disturbing discovery at the Junction Estate
    Violent Delights Have Violent Ends
    S10E201 - Violent Delights Have Violent Ends
    O True Apothecary
    S10E202 - O True Apothecary
    Daniel makes a disturbing discovery at the Junction Estate
    A Plague on Both Your Houses
    S10E203 - A Plague on Both Your Houses
    Dorothy is teamed up with a streetwise policeman
    Sweet Good Night
    S10E204 - Sweet Good Night
    Dorothy is teamed up with a streetwise policeman
    Keep It in the Family
    S10E205 - Keep It in the Family
    Melody helps a father and son
    S10E206 - Amends
    Daniel treats an asthmatic bride
    S10E207 - S10E207
    S10E208 - S10E208
    S10E209 - S10E209
    S10E210 - S10E210
    S10E211 - Widow-To-Be
    S10E212 - S10E212
    FlimFlam Thank You Man
    S10E213 - FlimFlam Thank You Man
    Archie deals with a vengeful student
    The Thirteenth
    S10E214 - The Thirteenth
    Lily organises a romantic camping trip
    Skin Deep
    S10E215 - Skin Deep
    Julia helps a distressed gypsy with a skin problem
    Heal Thyself
    S10E216 - Heal Thyself
    Melody fears she has misdiagnosed a patient
    S10E217 - Cows
    George and Ronnie help a farmer resolve a family problem
    Over the Cracks
    S10E218 - Over the Cracks
    Heston becomes involved in a family's decorating feud
    Past Imperfect
    S10E219 - Past Imperfect
    Archie is accused of kidnapping an elderly woman
    S10E220 - S10E220
    S10E221 - S10E221
    Love, Labour, Lust
    S10E222 - Love, Labour, Lust
    A lecherous actor causes upset when he finds a new target
    The Honeytrap
    S10E223 - The Honeytrap

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